There had been a strong history of kayaking and canoeing in the Clydebank area from the Second World War onwards where the workers at the various shipyards would take off for a weekend’s voyaging often in home-built boats made from wood frames and canvas. There was a Clydebank Canoe Club however by the late 70’s, early 80’s this club had ceased to exist as a going concern.

In 1987 there were two groups operating in the local area, both of which were tasked with providing development opportunities for local people through outdoor sports. In Drumchapel, the Instructors from the Drumchapel Adventure Group (DRAG) were teaching kayaking and this was being mirrored by events in Clydebank where a region-sponsored Outdoor Education Initiative (OEI) was also using kayaking as a development medium. Instructors from both organisations soon realised that a local club was required to allow their students to develop their kayaking.

During 1987 a joint initiative was established between these two groups and the Drumchapel & Clydebank Kayak Club was born. The club used the Drumchapel Swimming Pool as a base for pool sessions and boats were borrowed from OEI and DRAG for outdoor trips. Initially professional instructors provided instruction but as the level of skill held by members increased members themselves entered the BCU Coaching Scheme, obtained awards and so became responsible for the coaching of others within the club, setting a trend that has continued to the present day.

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