Here’s a download for a possible equipment check-list for a day trip (or a starting point for longer). Things in the second half could be added over time…

Checklist-Sea-Kayak-Trip-Kit-List-Oct-2013 (PDF)

Checklist-Sea-Kayak-Trip-Kit-List-Oct-2013 (WORD DOCUMENT)


Check List:-Sea Kayak Trip Kit List

Suggested Personal Kit

Drinking Water, bottles and/or bag.
Hot Drink (Flask).
Lunch/ snack bars/sweets.
Dry bag with change of clothes, towel, footwear.
Dry bag for Keys/phone.
Waterproof Jacket/Cag top, dry trousers or Wet/ Dry suit.
Non slip/ water -sure footwear – Boots/booties, crocks-old trainers.
Hats/heard cover: One wind/waterproof and one sun-proof.
Gloves & Pogies.
Camera (waterproof).
Watch (waterproof).
Midge net.
Rubbish bag.
Wipes & tissues.
Spare Dry bags.
Cash £20 + £5 in change.
Large- strong-waterproof carry bags.


Suggested Safety kit (develop your own over time!)

Spray deck.
Buoyancy Aid.
Strobe light.
Tow rope.
Flares & light-sticks, whistle, compass,
Maps & map case.
VHF radio.
PLB (Personal Location Beacon.)
Paddle Float.
Repair Kit.
Split spare paddles.
Hand pump.
Head-torch + spare batteries.
First aid kit.
Small tool kit & Cable ties.
Emergency shelter.
Paddle leash.


Suggested additions and comments welcome