28-30 August 2021

Over Etrrick low tide sands,
The 19 pack their crafts
A three-day trip requires bulk:
The 19 puff, stuff hatches stern and aft
Then launch, once briefed and photographed
 Go west, go west and west a little more
Just past Ardlamont point: a pause
Unpack a spot of lunch
An onshore opportunity to start and to recharge
19 friendships.  This group is just so large!
Yet more west the 19 paddle
Flotilla pattern, set to Roddy’s stamp
A course to Kintyre – the Skipness Castle strand
By sliver sands, set up the camp
Refreshing swims, meals and fire lights
Next morning breaks damp, grey, a little windy
Against the forecast waves do more than dance
Rethink the plan, Lochranza is abandoned
Aim for the crowing Cock of Arran
Softer seas, and eastwards to Inchmarnoch
West coast, the island hosts a second night
19 tents face Arran’s Sleeping Warrior *
Tired but more confident
A team of 19 chatter, banter
Later turn to bed, and join the soldier.
Unlike the warrior, 19 early rise
That’s no surprise, Port Bannatyne’s a fair old way
Though some decide, avoid the Kyles –
At Ettrick they depart for home
Others make it all the way – a 30k day!
The trip just proves
The Kayak 19
Dispel the CoVid 19 blues
Track of route taken, thanks to Amanda Grant!


Thanks to Roddy McDowell (leader/Organiser) and all members on the trip for making it so very enjoyable.

Author – David Litteljohnt.

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