The nervous anticipation before you start, paddling through the eddy, hitting the line at the right angle, tilting the boat, a sweepstroke, a low braceΒ  and….the perfect break-in! Now travelling with the current looking ahead, spotting the next eddy, paddling to it, hitting the eddyline at the top, boat tilt, sweep, lowbrace and yes! Superb, now in the eddy. Where to next? White Water Kayaking Pages


The basic strokes are the same but every river trip can be a new experience. Different water levels and weather conditions can all contribute to something different each time you venture down a river and when you add in improving skill levels and a wee bit of playing, river paddling can become very addictive.

We are so lucky in that we have so much good white water within easy reach. Already this year we have had river trips on the Teith, the Clyde, the Awe and the Tay with a number of paddlers going out for some quality days. Trips are displayed in the calendar