In the club we are lucky to have many committed and enthusiastic club coaches, working with kayakers young and old, novice to expert. As a volunteer led club we are able to introduce beginners, run trips for a wide range of abilities and also help develop a new generation of coaches and trip leaders. For all trips with Junior members a qualified Coach or trip leader shall be present. Coach and Trip Leader PVG Status Summary Document.

Qualified Coaches and Trip Leaders

List of PVG and Safeguarding Coaches and Trip Leaders (subject to change)

Sandy Johnston: WW: UKCC L3, 3 Star Assessor, Pinkston ESO OC: Club Trip Leader – 5 Star, Sea Kayak 4 Star, MWE, Club Trip leader – Surf and Sea, FSRT Provider (1st Aid Course 30/01/22)

Rab Burns ; L4 BCU Sea Kayak, Sea Kayak 5 star

Graham Swanson : OC: 5*, UKCC L3 AWE (Open Water) WW: BCU L4 Coach, 5 Star Sea: Club Trip leader – Surf and Sea, 4 Star Sea (5 star trained)/ Pinkston ESO. (1st Aid due 14/01/22)

Garry O’Donnell : L1 Coach (L2 Trained). Club Trip leader WW -Grade 4. Pinkston ESO

Bernie Tolland : L1 Coach. Club Trip Leader -WW Grade 4, 4 Star WWClub Trip Leader – SeaPinkston ESO

Alan Rollo : L1 Coach, Sea Kayak (Trainee) Coach / 4 Star Sea Leader. 5 Star Sea Trained. (1st Aid course 30/4/21)
Leigh Murray : L1 Coach / WWS&R / Open Canoe Leader (4*) Club Trip Leader – Moderate Water (Inland, WW & Sea). 4 Star Sea Trained.

Iain McGhie : L1 Coach (UKCC L2 Trained)/ Club Trip Leader – Sea (MWE)

Bev Ouzman : Paddlesport Instructor. Sea Kayak Leader (4*)

Pat Smith : Paddlesport Instructor

Ross McKillop : L1 Coach. (L2 Trained)Club Trip Leader -Sea

Jo Grant: L1 Coach / 4 Star Sea Trained / Club Trip leader Sea – MWE

Tristan Armstong : L2 CoachClub trip Leader – Sheltered Inland Water

Marcus Wheel : Paddlesport Instructor. Pinkston ESO.

Colin Hosey : Paddlesport Instructor

George Arbuckle : Paddlesport Instructor and Leader (1st Aid Course 6/2/22)

Celia Gray: Paddlesport Instructor, 4* sea kayak leader trained.

Lori Nish Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, Sea Kayak Coach Advanced Water
(1st Aid Course 11/6/21)
Emily Tweed, TBC

Roddy McDowell: TBC 1st Aid 24/10/19

Misha Somerville : 5 Star Sea / Club Trip Leader -WW (Grade 4) / Pinkston ESO

Derek Blair : White Water Leader. Pinkston ESO.

Andrew McColl Paddlesports Instructor.

Vonna Cowper- Smith Paddlesport Instructor. Paddlesport Leader. (1st Aid 3/4/22)

Club Approved Trip Leaders

Janice Gow : Club Trip leader Sea – MWE

Recently Qualified or Joined Club ( PVG IN-Process)

Chris MacDonald Sheltered water canoe and kayak coach, white water leader. (PVG In-process)

Stephen Wheaton : Sea Kayak Leader (4*) (PVG In-process)


Paddlesport Instructor (previously UKCC Level 1) ; The first coach qualification, trained to offer single sessions.
Canoe or Kayak Coach (previously UKCC Level 2) A coach working with students over several sessions.
To Coach Canoe or Kayak Coach beyond sheltered water in the Moderate Water (MW) Environment or Advanced Water(AW) Environment. e.g. Sea Kayak Coach (MW) or Advanced Sea Kayak Coach (Advanced Water)(Previously was the old BCU Level 3 coach).

Very Sheltered Water: Quiet canals with easy bankside access and egress; small lakes, which are not large enough, and do not have difficult landing areas for problems to occur it there is a sudden change in conditions; specified sites on gentle, slow moving rivers. The definition implies weather conditions which are not in themselves likely to cause problems. Care must be exercised when water temperatures are low.

Sheltered Inland Water ; Flat water rivers, faster flowing, but not involving the shooting of, or playing on weirs or running rapids. Discretion and common sense must apply when considering the use of lakes/lochs. To operate further than 200 metres from shore on a large lake can be a serious undertaking. To paddle in offshore breezes on large lakes requires the same degree of caution as for the sea. Water temperature (especially in Scottish lochs) must always be a consideration. Suitable lagoons or sections of sheltered bays of larger lakes can sometimes be designated β€œSheltered” or even β€œVery Sheltered” water by careful and sensible selection. The definition implies normal conditions. Care must be exercised when water temperatures are low

Moderate Water Inland : Moderate Inland Water Large areas of open water which exceed the sheltered water definition, that are no more than 500m off shore and in wind strengths that do not exceed force 4.

Advanced Water- Inland : Advanced Inland Water Large areas of open water which exceed moderate water and have winds in excess of force 4.

Sheltered Tidal Water and Sea : Small enclosed bays, where there is minimal possibility of being blown offshore; enclosed harbours, where there is minimal possibility of being blown offshore; defined beaches (a short section of beach with easy landing throughout, no tide races or overfalls beyond the beach), in conditions in which swimmers and beach craft could be happily operating winds not above force 3 (force 2 if offshore when greatest of caution must be exercised); the upper reaches of some suitable, slow moving estuaries during Neap tides. In all cases the wind and weather conditions must be favourable.

Moderate Water Tidal Water/Sea : the definition involves: A stretch of coastline or estuary in close proximity to the shore, with easy landing, not involving fast tidal streams, tidal races, or overfalls, winds not above force 4 (force 2 if offshore when greatest of caution must be exercised); the upper reaches of some estuaries; launching and landing through moderate surf

Advanced Water Tidal Water/Sea : Any journey on the sea where tidal races, overfalls or open crossings may be encountered, which cannot be avoided; Sections of coastline where landings may not be possible or difficult; difficult sea states and /or stronger winds (force 4 or above), launching and landing through moderate surf.

Moderate Water White Water : Grade 2 white water or equivalent weirs. (This is extended to Grade 2(3) when using whitewater spec Kayaks)

Advanced Water -White Water ; Grade 3 white water for canoe. Grade 3 to 4(5) for kayak.