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The questions people most often ask about kayaking, canoeing and DCKC.

What 'type' of kayaking and Canoeing does DCKC do?

Many kinds! We have members who paddle on Sea, River and Lochs on Sea Kayaks, Whitewater Kayaks, Open Canoes and SUPs. Some like adrenaline, others a nice, peaceful time. Some just come along to regular weekly events and others multi-day expeditions. It is worth saying generally we don’t use sit-on-top kayaks.

Do I need my own boat?

The club has boats and other equipment to hire at very reasonable prices. Check out costs on this page

Do you teach beginners?

DCKC is run by people who volunteer their time to the club. One of the ways in which members volunteer is to run introductory sessions for beginners. Generally though, the club supports people on their kayaking or canoeing development irrespective of their level.

Can children come along?

Children under 10 can come along if they can swim 25 meters and are accompanied by an adult. Young people under 18 is at the discretion of the coach/trip/event leader.

Does it cost much to start kayaking?

DCKC was started to offer access to people who might not otherwise be able to start kayaking or canoeing. Our membership fees and trip costs are deliberately low to make it welcoming and accessible. Check out costs on this page

How come it is so affordable?

We have built up a pool of equipment over time. We spend wisely on very functional, but not flashy equipment, and with maintenance and care it can last a long time. Furthermore, our members contribute to the club voluntarily, meaning we can keep the club accessible.

Do I need a car to attend DCKC events?

We have members who do not have a vehicle and share transport / petrol cost with other members. If you get in touch with the membership secretary [ ] they may be able to put you in touch with someone else in your area who you can travel with. Of course having a car is a bonus, but it is not a necessity.

Should I get a roof-rack for my vehicle ?

If you have a vehicle, one of the wisest/first investments you can make, even before a kayak, paddle or buoyancy aid …is a roof-rack. Unfortunately the club cannot hold a stock of roof-racks to fit every vehicle, and without one it is awkward to carry kayaks/canoes and to take advantage of having a vehicle that you can use for kayaking/canoeing.

As people change vehicles it is possible to pick up secondhand roof-racks if you are on a budget. It can even be worth posting a message to one of the member’s Whatsapp groups. In any case, we’d recommend a roof-rack with straight cross-bars which overhang the side of the vehicle slightly, rather than the fancier profiled ‘aero’ bars. ‘J bars’ (favoured by sea-kayakers generally) or uprights (favoured by river kayakers) can also be useful, and a few ‘cam buckle’ style roof-rack straps. With a basic set-up you can start making use of club boats.

Roof-rack and uprights

Folding J-bars

What should I bring along?

For introductory sessions please see the new members page. For touring and Sea kayak trips see the published equipment lists. It is also possible to ask trip leaders.

Why should I get into kayaking and/or Canoeing?

The places you will go and the people you will meet 🙂

Do you do multiday trips?

Yes, we often load boats up and go for multiday trips on the Sea. On the river we might paddle multiple rivers in one weekend.

Do you offer boat storage for club members?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer boat storage for club members, as space in our containers is already very tight and there are limited opportunities locally for the club to obtain additional affordable storage. However, club members are welcome to put a notice in the newsletter asking other club members if they have storage they would be willing to share or hire out.

Do you hire boats?

For members of the club with sufficient experience, we are able to loan club boats – club members can access the boat hire policy under ‘club documents’.

We do not hire or loan club boats to non-members.

Do we have DCKC social events?

We have events that combine paddling and socialising and others that just involve socialising! Highlights of the calendar in recent years have included the festive Mince Pie Paddle, and the calamitous Pinkston Rubber Duck Race.

How do I learn about what trips are on?

Trips are generally added on the club calendar. For trips and events contact the trip leader or event co-ordinator.

If you are coming along for the first time then we generally suggest attending our introductory or regular sessions initially and contacting our membership secretary. If you are an experienced paddler you are also very welcome to come along. We can introduce you to members and deal with any formalities so you can join in with club trips and events.

How do I sign up?

We’ve compiled all information for signing up on this page.

Meet some DCKC ers :-)

DCKC Locations

New Members – Beginner Kayaking Courses

New Member – Introduction Courses

We are pleased to welcome a number of new members each year. Our volunteer coaches run courses throughout the year, where beginners can learn the fundamentals before taking part in other club activities. 

Our beginner sessions run over several evenings and are a basic introduction to kayaking, covering safety, basic paddle strokes, equipment, and capsize drills. As these courses are popular and there may be a short waiting list for the next available course.  

If you can already kayak or returning to paddling after a break, you can join the club directly. Please feel free to contact us and discuss the best options for you.

Ability: You will be 10 years or over and be able to swim 25 metres.  Children under 10 years can join the club but please contact us for further details. Please also note, children under 18 years will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

New Member Intro Courses (September to April)

  • Venue: Clydebank Leisure Centre – Swimming Pool
  • Time: Tuesdays from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Price: Standard membership fee(s) plus £20 course fee for each participant.
  • Duration: 4 weeks

New Member Intro Courses (May to August)

  • Venue: Drumkinnon Bay, Balloch – Maid of the Loch
  • Time: Tuesdays from 6.30pm (on the water for 7pm) to 9pm
  • Price: To be confirmed 2023
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Facilities: Access to toilet facilities at the start of the session only.

Clothing and Equipment:

Kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet and spray deck will all be provided – please feel free to bring your own if you have this equipment. Wetsuits are of standard adult sizes and cagoules may also be borrowed, if needed.

**PLEASE BRING**: Neoprene shoes/wet-suit boots (not trainers!), lightweight windproof jacket, tracksuit or thermal trousers, thermal t-shirt, woolly jumper or fleece. YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO GET WET IN THESE CLOTHES. A towel, change of clothes, and hot drink and/or snack is advisable.

Additional Information:

All coaches are qualified to at least Paddlesport Instructor level

IMPORTANT: Please have a look around the website for more info about the club before getting in touch by email. Most of your questions should be answered on our website. If you have any outstanding questions then do feel free to email us.

Club Calendar

Note to trip leaders looking to add events. Please contact Graham for assistance!

Note to people looking to contact trip organisers, please have a look at: Going on Trips | A/B/C Trip Grades | River Grades | Emergency Contact Cards and try to contact the organiser at least a week in advance wherever possible. Important note: Our Trip leaders responsibilities include managing group numbers and ensuring participant have suitable skills and experience.

How to join in :-)

We welcome all members and newcomers. Here is some guidance on how to sign up or join us for trips and regular sessions

Please note: DCKC is entirely volunteer run. All sessions rely on group participation to make them happen – this can involve cleaning, stowing or moving kayaks or other equipment, helping other club members on or off the water, and just generally being part of the collective spirit of events. Please only turn up if you are happy to get involved and be a part of the team with the rewards that brings.

To Come along to your first DCKC Session - New Members 🙂

If you have kayaked/canoed before and want to come along for a taster session, please contact our membership secretary – membership [at] – about when is a good time to come along, so we can make sure we have someone on hand to greet you / help you get sorted. Please also print/write your name and emergency details on a sheet of paper and take it along with you.

If you are looking to start with some beginners or introductory sessions, then these take place every second month in odd months or year (Months 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 = Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). To confirm a place please contact our membership secretary to check that there will be space/equipment for you.

If you are looking to join a trip contact the trip leader to see what experience is required (usually available on club calendar entry). Please bring emergency contact details with you if the leader is happy for you to come along.

To Come and Try a DCKC Session (Experienced paddlers only) 🙂

Contact our membership secretary – membership [at] – to agree a good time to come along. Please also print/write your name and emergency details on a sheet of paper and take it along with you.

To Join DCKC 😁

Fill out this membership form. If you have any questions, please email our membership secretary – membership [at]

To Renew your DCKC membership 😎

Join Us / Renew

Renew your membership by logging in on this page

To Come along to Loch Lomond on Tuesday evening through the Summer 🛶

If you are a member just turn up on the night.

Equipment & Changing
If you need to borrow club equipment, meet by the shipping container in the small car park to the right of the Maid of the Loch. The club has wetsuits available to borrow, but you will need shoes which can get wet and a large towel for changing afterwards. Boats, paddles, spray decks and buoyancy aids can all be borrowed. There are toilets and changing facilities at the start of the session, but these are locked at the end of the session.

Club fees (£2) attendance or up to £5 if you are borrowing club kit is paid by cash (preferred) or by bank transfer.

Dates, times and info can be found on the club calendar. Club Equipment is available from the container at Loch Lomond on a first come first served basis

To Come along to Clydebank Swimming Pool on Tuesday evenings 🙃 through the winter

If you are a member just turn up for the appropriate session time (please see the club calendar, link below).

Club boats are used for pool sessions; paddles and spraydecks are available, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Most folk wear a T-shirt over their swimming stuff. Useful to bring a towel and goggles also.

There’s NO NEED TO PAY AT THE DESK – the club has pre-booked the pool. You can go straight to the changing area for the swimming pool and pay at the poolside. Bring £4 plus £1 (refundable) for the lockers. Pool fees are paid by cash (preferred) at the poolside or by bank transfer.

Dates, times and info can be found on the club calendar. Club Equipment is available at the swimming pool on a first come first served basis

To Come along to Pinkston Paddlesports Centre on Thursday evenings 🌊

If you are a member just turn up on the night:-). If you attend regularly you can get a season ticket through membership mojo. The login page is here

Dates, times and info can be found on the club calendar. Club Equipment is available from the trailer at Pinkston. Equipment should be booked out through membership mojo.

To To Join us on a Club Trip ☀️

Contact the trip leader:-). Info can be found on the club calendar.

To Join a Whatsapp Group 💬

Contact the group moderator listed on this page:-).

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