As well as regular pool sessions, loch sessions (Tuesday nights in summer and monthly skills session) and Pinskton we also do “TRIPS”. Normally the best bit of paddling, progressing from one of our regular club events to “going on a club trip” is slightly different.

For sea kayakers we have written a paddlers guide which can be viewed here.

For river paddlers and open canoeists we are still preparing further info but the main principles are the same:


As a trip member, the club expects you to:

1. Take responsibility for your own actions, and to seek out the information you need to make informed decisions about your participation in club activities.

2. Take care that others who rely on your decisions and advice, especially beginners, are not adversely affected by those decisions.

3. Subject to the above points, respect all trip leaders for the tasks they do, treat them fairly and behave according to their instructions.

4. Support and assist other trip members (…), subject to your personal skill level and having due regard for safety.

5. Contribute towards the cost of travel associated with club trips.

6. Understand that participation in DCKC activities is not an automatic right and can be restricted based on relevant skill, experience, health or other mitigating factors.

Other Things you Need to Know

There is more information on the website including

  1. The difference between Club trips and peer trips.
  2. Contacting the organiser in advance!!!
  3. Costs for trips and equipment.