We are offering a number of items of equipment for sale to members. These are items that were generously donated to the club by retiring kayakers (some of whom weren’t club members but were looking for a good home). Most items donated have become part of the club equipment for all members however some items weren’t quite right for club equipment. All funds will go towards club activities, helping coaches and trip leaders with their training and key safety equipment. Items for sale include dry bags, BA’s, dry tops, v-bars for roof racks and more.

We are proposing to do as a mini-auction and are able to take maximum bids in advance. Please email graham (graham.m.swanson@gmail.com ) with the item(s) you are interested in. We aim to have items that people might want to try on available at the June 28th Loch Lomond session. Closing bids by 5pm Monday 4th July!

Important: The equipment is only for sale to club members – please do not share on social media or to non-club members.

Download the word doc below (big file 12Mb) or view on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhfdlu2n3nlpncz/Equipment%20Sale%20June%202022.doc?dl=0


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