In May 2021 the club was contacted by a retiring Kayaker looking to pass his much loved equipment to the club. Read more about history and adventures below.

I am glad to donate 2 Nordkapp kayaks and kit to the club, and I applaud the club members who give of their time to coach and encourage people to participate in this activity. I trust that others will find the recreation that we experienced in them.

Ian Smith and I were long time friends, kayaking blood brothers and business partners.

Our kayaks gave us privileged access to one of the best kayaking venues in the world – Scotland. From the Mull of Galloway to Muckle Flugga on Shetland, and everything in between, we had the best of times over more than 30 years on the water. 3 tours to Orkney and 4 to Shetland are imprinted on our kayaking souls. Unforgettable the first time we experienced the hugh rhythmic swell around Noss headland, the pleasure of rounding Out Stack, marvelling at the bonxie v gannet aerial battles, landing on Muckle Flugga, and the joy of the endless caves, arches and cliffs.

A favourite trip of ours was to finish work early on a Friday and head to Arduanie, paddle through the Grey Dogs (or hurtle through the standing waves) to camp up on one of the islands, set the tents and the blaze and, over the essential beer,  marvel that in this wonderful place we were only few hours from Glasgow….on a Friday night! In front of us we had the prospect of two full days of paddling in an area rich in tides, islands, bird life and camaraderie. With a return through the Cuan Sound and a Guinness in the Chart Room at the hotel looking out at the sun setting over our journey. Perfection.

Sadly, Ian is no longer with us. He will be glad that his kayak continues the journey and has the prospect of new adventures with other paddlers.

Michael Burke, May 2021