Although phase 1 of the route out of the Covid19 restrictions allows a return to paddling, it does not allow for a return to club activities. No club equipment can be shared and no club coaching can take place (Coaches may be able to offer 1:1 coaching provided that you have your own equipment) The 5 mile travel distance (stay local) also means that many club members cannot get out on the water.

Phase 2 may offer a return to some limited club paddling but there are still major constraints in terms of social distancing, group sizes, hygiene measures and it remains to be seen what distances we will be allowed to travel.

A steering group from the club committee is working away behind the scenes and hopefully when we move into the next phase we will have a better idea of what paddling activities we can organise as a club. Just keep an eye on the club website, the club facebook page and when we have a better idea of what the next phase looks like, club members should also receive an email with the latest information.

In the meantime our thanks to Leigh Murray and Matt Heydock for the series of webinars that have been organised.