In April we were awarded £250 towards the costs of some new paddles for the river/loch and pool. The paddles are on order and should be with us soon and an extract from the grant application is shown below…

“This project is the purchase of kayak paddles suitable for a range of uses. Our club welcomes kayakers whether novice or more experienced and our volunteer coaches run a wide range of activities including pool session, loch sessions and canal/river trips. We provide the necessary kayaks, paddles and safety equipment. The club currently has a limited range of general purpose pool/loch/river paddles most of which are over 20 years old (Ainsworth K100 is the model).

These paddles have a number of issues that would be addressed in this project
1/ Feather angle. Kayaking has developed and paddles are now normally at a 30 degree or 45 degree feather. This alleviates strain on the paddler’s wrist whilst still cutting through the wind.
2/ Paddle shaft material. The proposed paddles will use glass fibre paddle shaft which addresses the issue of aluminium paddle shafts being very cold on the hands when used outdoors (the Ainsworth paddles have an aluminium shaft).
3/ Asymmetric blade shape. Paddles are now normally asymmetric as this reduces the twisting force on the paddlers hand/wrist, allowing better performance and reduced fatigue. (The ainsworth paddles have symmetrical blade shape).

We would expect that each year the paddles would be used in our weekly Tuesday evening loch and pool session (48 sessions/year) and also during weekend activities. We estimate over 300 uses each year, benefiting 50+ people. By providing the correct equipment people will learn more quickly, be less prone to injury and be less likely to stop attending.”

Thank you to the Sports Council for Glasgow for their support. We just need to get paddling.