If you want to take part in a Foundation Safety and Rescue course this summer please get in touch with Sandy Johnston on sandy.johnston@sky.com

A course has been arranged for Saturday 6 April 2019. This course is now full. If there is sufficient interest, Sandy will provide another course, possibly on Sunday 7 April 2019.

The following information may be of use to help you decide.

The British Canoeing Foundation Safety & Rescue Training course is the first safety course that most paddlers encounter as it teaches the safety skills that the other courses then build on and develop. You will be shown simple and effective techniques which will allow you to deal with the common problems that you can be confronted with on flat water whether you paddle a kayak, a canoe, a SUP or a sea kayak. By the end of the course you will be a safer paddler as you will have the skill to be able to rescue others in a wide variety of situations and you will be able to empty a variety of boats in a safe and easy way.

Topics covered on this course include:

·         Safety and rescue protocols.

·         Equipment – what to carry.

·         Simple reaching rescues.

·         Simple throwing rescues.

·         Swimmer tows and rescues.

·         Tows and towlines.

·         Safe boat emptying for kayaks, canoes and sea kayaks.

·         Returning swimmers to boats.

·         Dealing with unconscious kayakers.

·         What happens if we all go in.


This is a ‘get wet’ course however on most courses, this will be saved until the afternoon so don’t worry about being in and out of the water all day. The coach will probably spend more time in the water than you and will demonstrate all the rescues both as rescuer and also as the pretend casualty.

In preparation for the course you can have a look at