January 2019 sees the introduction of the personal performance awards. These awards are discipline specific and place the paddler firmly at the centre of the process allowing paddlers to gain recognition and development in the craft and environment that they choose. The awards are concerned with learning and improving underpinned by an ethos of ‘supporting the paddler’ so they should be a bit friendlier than the old star tests. Further information can be found at:


There are 3 paddle awards, Paddle Start, Paddle Discover and Paddle Explore. These are for people who are new to paddling and provide progressive levels of attainment which will be achievable as they develop their skills and progress as paddlers.

These lead on to the discipline specific pathway awards. There are three awards in each discipline which also provide a progression allowing paddlers to develop in the paddling discipline that they are interested in. However unlike the star tests (the old award system) the paddler can choose which level he or she wishes to work towards There are no age restrictions and the idea is to empower the paddler to develop as she or he sees fit (of course appropriate guidance will also be provided).

Sea Kayaking has the Sea Kayak Award, the Coastal Sea Kayak Award and the Advanced Sea Kayak Award.

White Water Kayaking has the White Water Award, the Progressive White Water Award and the Advanced White Water Award.

Canoeing has the Canoe Award, the Progressive Canoe Award and the Advanced Canoe Award.

SUP has the SUP sheltered Water Award, the SUP White Water Award and the SUP Paddlesurf Award.

Canoe Polo has the Polo Explore, Polo Perform and Polo Excel awards.

This pattern is repeated in the other 7 disciplines that are available, Surf Kayak, Touring, Freestyle, Rafting, Racing, Slalom and White Water Racing.

None of these awards have leadership or coaching components but they can be used to evidence paddler ability to allow entry to these pathways.

The club will be providing the above awards throughout the year so keep an eye on the calendar published on the club website for your own opportunity to gain abit of recognition and measure your ability as a paddler!