Keywords: settee, swim, perfect calm, view of Small Isles, ‘someone’s taken my kayak’, otter, ‘how much for a go in your canoe Mister’

Who was there: Janice, Anne, Bev, Marcus, Alan, Pat
Special guests: Morven who brought her parents Jo and Michael, and Liz (sister of Janice)

Conditions each day
Weather: perfect calm
Sea state: perfect calm
Views: fabulous over to Small Isles, Skye, Coll

Friday night we were down at the settee on the shore watching one of several fabulous sunsets

Saturday Loch Moidart 25km
Put in Samalaman by Glenuig with carry out over sand. Paddled out round Smirisary to first stop at Silver Sands. Then on to lagoon formed by low tide at SW corner of Eilean Shona for lunch. Continued on through South Channel to explore Castle Tioram then through North Channel to arrive back at Samalaman.

On the way, a few of us gals went swimming from Eilean Shona beach – it was Baltic but don’t let that put you off. It was a lovely spot with kissing sands forming a lagoon as the tide came in and a spectacular backdrop. The colours of the water throughout the day were beautiful from light blue through turquoise to emerald green – magical.

Sunday – Morar sands to Arisaig via Skerries 20km
Put in N shore of Morar sands at start of a track by a picnic bench as no parking left along south shore. However on return the gate, which was lying on the ground earlier, was erected and turns out it was a private road. Blissfully unaware, we carried kayaks down ramp and then a fairly long carry out over sand to launch into shallow river.

We headed south to first stop at Camusdarach beach where we disembarked then on down coast to Skerries for long lunch, drinking in the warm breeze and the views. We spent some time exploring the skerries then returned to Arisaig via South channel to waiting car for shuttle.

On the way, we stopped at Camusdarach for Janice’s first time on ‘ local hero’ beach. And had our own adventure – we met Celia from our club there with her mates from East Kilbride Kayak Club (staying at Back of Keppoch campsite) who launched and headed North as there was only room for one club on the beach – DCKC! Marcus was within an inch of his life when repeatedly dive bombed by a kite (this may also have influenced departure of E Kilbride KC) and Bev saw one of them paddle off in her boat – grief!! She was out there like a shot about to dive into the water when an identical boat was spotted between our kayaks. Meanwhile, Alan and Marcus were working up fund raising opportunity after they were approached by a couple of lads looking to hire their kayaks. All very exciting – but we had to leave. The Skerries were too tempting for Janice and she had Bev and I in the water again – though it was too cold to stay in for long. Another blow for Marcus when we reached Arisaig – they had run out of ice cream.

Monday – Ardnamurchan point 16km
Put in Kilchoan adjacent to slipway but over rocks. Frustrating start, as beach otherwise seems part of private land. There is a jetty further along coast worth checking out next time. Paddled round Ardnamurchan point to lunch on beach just beyond. Paddled on to Portuairk to shuttle car.

On the way, coastline more dramatic with cliffs and inlets. We stopped for over 5 minutes to watch an otter on rock eating lunch. It was amazing. Anne recruited a new paddler to the club on Portuairk beach – she’s irresistible.

Special thanks
Janice for her fabulous hospitality, for the great fun night on Saturday and the impromptu meal on Sunday. Also she did a great job with the weather.
Alan who was most involved in trip planning (though Bev was in there too) and was happy to be followed around on the water all weekend..
Anne / Bev for showing us how to paddle dressed for the Caribbean
Marcus for being very gracious about missing the otter (it wouldn’t have been me)
Jo and Michael for being there – it was great to see them and little Morven (who needs a DCKC sun hat)
Liz for her company and past and present generosity to DCKC paddlers
but especially to Pat for the trip report