Download this file!
AB trip Leader handy sheet has guidance on how to add events, write reports and more.

Writing your First Post on the News Feed
If your password has authoring access then you can write a post to update club members about things or to write a trip report. A good place to start is watching :

Adding an Event to the Club Diary.
On our site remember to add the right categories (so people can search them) and use some popular tags too.

Posting on facebook.
If you have a facebook account then you can ask Graham or Tony to be added a club content creator. had details about what this allows you to do.

Membership Secretary – Adding New Members is a start. Once familiar create a new member. 3 key steps.
1. Make the usename not the same as the person full name / nickname.
2. Create a password for them until they change it to their own.
3. Tick the option send the user their passord.
4. Scroll down and set to to “subscriber” unless they are an editor or “contributor”
5. Press create user.


How to Manage Videos

.. being worked on .. youtube and vimeo options being considered.

How to manage Photos

You can add a gallery from the club Smugmug account. Ask Graham for more info. To avoid issues with the club website having too much memory for photos we have to limit how many are added.