April 2, 2020 @ 8:00 pm ā€“ 9:30 pm

All DCKC Activities are Cancelled / suspended

In light of the latest guidelines regarding Covid-19, the DCKC committee has taken the decision to CANCEL all scheduled club activities until further notice.

There will therefore be NO further pool sessions and NO further Pinkston sessions until further notice. Unfortunately this also includes tonight’s pool session.

Official club trips (i.e. those on the DCKC website calendar) are also cancelled/suspended until further notice.

The committee recognises that the above does not affect “peer” trips, which do NOT come under the control or responsibility of the club. Members taking part in peer trips should continue to take responsibility for conducting their own risk assessments in whether to participate or not, and may wish to consider additional precautions such as avoiding car sharing, using sanitising hand gel after boat carrying, avoiding over night stays in shared accommodation and maintaining distance (including avoiding rafting up and during any shore-based breaks). Clearly any one who is feeling unwell should not be attending. Additionally, members attending peer trips may wish to bear in mind that emergency service response may well be adversely impacted by the current situation.

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