Sandy has a few Paddling opportunities next week which may interest you.

Tuesday 12 October – Paddlesport Touring Leader Assessment

I am looking for canoeists, kayakers and paddleboarders to be led as part of this assessment. The environment for this includes open water in windy conditions and also rivers with mostly grade 1 and short rapids of grade 2. Don’t worry if you have not been on a river before as you will be well looked after. We will meet at the Balloch container to make sure we have all the equipment need and then travel from there to the location to be used on the day. The only cost to you will be travel which we will hopefully share and of course you need to bring your own lunch.

Wednesday 13 October – Paddlesport Leader Assessment

This one will be held at Loch Lomond. Again I need canoeists, kayakers and paddleboarders to be led during the assessment. No costs other than your lunch!

Thursday 14 October – Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

I have two people signed up and I need another 2 people so that this course can run. This is the basic safety course for all paddlers and provides an excellent grounding in the techniques that you need to make yourself safe and be safe around other paddlers. You will be introduced to rescue techniques and have the opportunity to practice these. Topics covered on this course include:                        

  • Safety and rescue protocols.
  • Equipment – what to carry.
  • Simple reaching rescues.
  • Simple throwing rescues.
  • Swimmer tows and rescues.
  • Tows and towlines.
  • Safe boat emptying for kayaks, canoes and sea kayaks.
  • Returning swimmers to boats.
  • Dealing with unconscious kayakers/canoeists/paddleboarders.
  • What happens if we all go in.

The course cost is £40 for club members. ( includes SCA fee – normal cost is £60)

Friday 15 October – Paddlesport Leader Assessment

Again this will be held at Loch Lomond. I need canoeists and kayakers for this one as I already have paddleboarders lined up. Again no cost to volunteers, other then lunch.

Saturday 16 to Sunday 17 October

Paddlesport Instructor training. For this course you need to have completed a FS&RT and you need to have personal paddling skills up to explore award standard. This course is the first step towards becoming a coach and allows you to instruct beginners in a very sheltered water environment and provide ‘come and try it’ sessions. It presents the ideal opportunity for you to become a member of our club coaching team.

Any questions? Want to go paddling? – contact Sandy 07962 226280