WhatsApp is one of the ways that people can organise to go paddling.

We have created two Whats App groups to organise short notice trips, 1 group for Sea/Loch Paddles and one for River trips.

Important Points are:

1. These are not normally “club trips” and may not have a specific coach/trip leader.
2. Each paddler is responsible for making sure you are up to the planned activity. Having said that some may just be a midweek relaxing social paddle on Loch Lomond!
3. Trips that are informal trips are called “Peer Trips” and are not covered by club insurance etc. When posting a proposed trip please clearly mention it is “PEER TRIP”.
4. The person who first mentions the plan/idea should make sure they are happy with the skills/experience of anyone who asks to come along. They should also be happy to say “no” if they feel someone is not approriate for the planned trip and this should respected. You can ask other people attending the trip for guidance on potential attendees or ask one of the club coaches for help.
5. Note that because WhatsApp trips are mainly peer trips then attendees/whats app group members are likely to be current or lapsed club members but some people on the WhatsAPP group may have no link the club

How to Join Whats App

Visit What’s App Website / App Store on your phone and download it.

Text Tony on 07833 596456 and ask him to add you to the club’s What App group you want to join.

Give him a while and the feed should appear in your Whats App.

There is a “Sea/Loch Trips” Groups and and “River Kayaking” groups so let him know which you are interested in.


An extract from the Clubs Standard Operating Procedures on Peer Trips is shown below:

13.3 Peer Paddling
13.3.1 Peer Paddling is defined as a peer group activity: any paddle-sport activity which is promoted by members via Social Media (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) or other means of communication. The activity does not offer coaching or leadership on the water beyond that found within the given peer group.
13.3.2 DCKC recognises the Peer Paddling activity as being distinct from a Club Activity. Suitability of club group members for Peer Paddling is the responsibility of the individual arranging the activity, and any other participants in the planned Peer Paddle.
13.3.3 SCA advises the most senior/qualified paddler by default becomes group leader.
13.3.4 To assist members to act in accordance with good practice documents listed below have been adopted by DCKC and placed on the DCKC website for reference/use.

The Coach Co-ordinator will undertake to regularly draw members’ attention to the existence of these documents.
• Club Rules and Guidelines
• Club Risk Assessment
• Guidance Notes for Lochs and Rivers, Open Canoeing and Kayaking
• Sea kayaking Trips – Guidance Notes

The club’s documents are on Club Documents