June 29, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm









Do you fancy learning how to play canoe polo?
Does your canoe club fancy trying canoe polo?
Do you already play and want an extra chance to practice?
Polo is a kayaking game for two teams where each team of 5 tries to throw a ball into the opposing team’s net, whilst avoiding being rammed, pushed in, or paddled over. Polo combines paddling and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game, promoting teamwork, general canoeing skills, and a range of other techniques unique to the sport. More generally though, it’s just great fun!

When, Where and How Much?
Thursday evenings from June to end of August 2017 6.00 to 8pm at Pinkston Watersports.
This is the first year offering these sessions and the price is Β£2 per person including access to changing rooms and showers.

A mix of coaching, practice time and informal games. From 8pm onwards there is the chance for open team practice/games. Coaching is provided by volunteers and supervised by a qualified BCU kayak coach.

What Age? Memberships?
To regularly attend the session all participants will need to be individual members of the SCA, or a member of an SCA affiliated club. For the first session you don’t need to be a member but will need to complete a consent form for a taster session.The sessions are available from 8 years upwards.
(* See Notes 1 and 2).

How Good Do I need to be?
The sessions are suitable for someone who has already learnt the basics of kayaking. Examples of skills you need to have include capsizing with a spraydeck, forwards paddling and basic steering. Although in real games canoe polo involve getting pushed in, we will have a no pushing in rule for less confident paddlers.

What Equipment is Available?
All equipment is available; Kayak, Paddle, Buoyancy Aid (at all times), Helmet (games and shooting practice), Spraydecks, Polo Balls. You will need to bring: Old trainers or booties. Wetsuit if you have one or swim shorts/suits and base layers to keep warm. Avoid wearing cotton during the activity Full change of clothes and a towel for afterwards. Food and snacks and warm or cold drinks for afterwards. Any medication you require.

Kayak Clubs
Canoe polo is a great kayak discipline and we hope these sessions can help clubs to offer canoe polo to their members or to give an existing team an extra chance to train/practice. As this is a new initiative jointly run by DCKC and Pinkston and we are very happy to discuss how we can help meet your needs – just contact us.

Contact and Booking
To help us to plan sessions and to make sure we have enough kit please contact us in advance.Bookings can be made by sending an email to: polo@dckc.co.uk In your email please indicate: The number of participants you want to book. What date and session time you want to book for. A contact phone number (preferably a mobile telephone number). You can also phone 07968 057 934 and speak to Graham.


Note 1: Children. The minimum age is 10years (or 8yrs with parents on the water). All children under 16years must be accompanied by parent or guardian who must remain (on land or water). If a child is a member of a Kayak Club or Youth group then an adult will need to be present. All participants must to be able to swim. Where appropriate adults and children will take part in separate games. Unfortunately where the particiant is not able to demonstrate a minimum standard of paddling they will need to leave the session.

Note 2: Memberships. From your second session onwards you need to be either an individual SCA member or a member of an SCA Kayak Club (with an adult member of that club or parent/guardian present). If you are not a member of a club or the SCA then you can join DCKC for only Β£15 (Adult) / Β£10 (U18) (to End of August 2017). The Wednesday sessions are run by Drumchapel and Clydebank Kayak Club with the grateful support of Pinkston Watersports. Contact us for more information at polo@dckc.co.uk

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