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Day 4 – The Search for Wind – Loch Eck, March 2017

The last day of Graham’s killer canoeing sessions and he couldn’t have booked a better day, if he had a hotline to the big man himself! The sun was splitting the skies, predictions of 18°, and apparently no wind. So I cast off my old faithful dry-suit and didn’t bother bringing my pop-up sail. I […]

Snow-capped mountains of Arran, a deserted lighthouse and dolphins.

An impromptu ‘WhatsApp’ trip planned at short notice, the original idea was to paddle from Portencross to Kilchattan Bay on Bute and back via Little Cumbrae. Getting up nice and early on a crisp January morning we were greeted by a wonderful sunrise over the snowy hills en route to the start point, the full moon […]

Roybridge Weekend

FRIDAY NIGHT. DCKC arrived at the Roybridge village hall, after the group had been fed and watered we all got our heads down reasonably early except one young river kayaker who decided in the middle of the night to to do some gymnastics with his sleeping mat “YOU NO WHO YOU ARE BOY” what a racket. SATURDAY […]

River Teith 02/10/2016

Here is a trip report from one of our younger club members…………..Connor McCLuskey. The River Teith  It takes about an hour to get to Callander from the Clydebank area. To get into the river it is probably better to seal launch because of the upstream current in the eddy at the entry point. During the […]

Across Scotland by Open Canoe (almost)

In the olden days the rivers and lochs formed the main communication routes through the wild landscape.   As idyllic as this sound, I now celebrate the modern age!   Day 1 A drive up toward Glencoe seen us disembark at Rannoch Moore, where the river Ba flows into Loch Ba.    At this point Graham armed us […]

Young Men visit Pinkston WW Course

Ross, Cameron and Findaly had their first “real session at Pinkson”. Some great images are below…

River Awe 30.04.16

Saturday 30 April saw two club members journeying north to paddle the River Awe. The dam was releasing on one gate so water levels were medium/low but there was enough water to make the trip entertaining. After the shuttle we spent some time on ferry gliding on the rapid just below the dam and this […]

OC Trip – River Spey 01-03.04.16

07.00 hrs on Friday 1 April 2016 saw Sandy, Leigh, Bernie, Derek and Graham Roy meeting at the Clubs Outdoor Store in Clydebank. Was this some elaborate April fool prank? No, we were meeting to start our three day open canoe descent of the River Spey. 3 hrs took us to our starting point at […]

St Abbs Head Paddle

Some really great photos of a wee “summer trip” in August

Finland Trip. May 2015

Trip report Finland. Arriving in Helsinki we were met by Eeva, Joachim and baby J who held aloft a paddle bearing a Scottish saltire to grab out attention. From our mini bus driven by Joachim we could see ten kayaks on a trailer being towed by Eeva who just for this trip sat and passed […]

River Awe 26/07/15

For one reason or another only the two club kayakers, Sandy Johnston and Richard Lord,  met up with Graham Swanson in his open boat to take part in this classic river descent. There was a scheduled dam release on the River Awe and when we got there we found that all three gates were open […]

Loch Eck may 2015

A great day out with glorious weather (in 2015!). For many a first A trip kayaking on the Cowal peninsula.

Helensburgh to Cove and around sugar boat. 27/12/2014

A chilly start on Helensburgh pier with just about everything frozen solid!, myself. Barry, Donald, Janice, and Sandy set out for Cove and possible Adentinny  pending the daylight, with a really low tide we paddled with practically no wind or gusts making it easy to make good headway, With the sun in our face and a […]