Bev. in her shiny new boat, David MacD. , George , Chris and myself braved rain and wind. The forecast had been threatening, so I did a recce the day before. Water was high and the ground muddy. On the Saturday after more rain, the river was the highest I’ve seen it and fast flowing at the put-in. We set up the shuttle and launched our sea boats without incident. We thought we were in for an easy ride with the current for the eight miles or so. Just our luck, strong headwinds meant hard paddling.

Muscles getting a bit tired , we broke for lunch on the sheltered bank of the creek on the right side of the river. Everyone was in good spirits, even Chris, the only one with a play boat.Β He had to work twice as hard as the rest of us.

Resuming the paddle, we wondered what the SW winds would do to the mile so loch stretch. Actually it wasn’t too bad at all. Just a bit of a chop and a short delay as one of us decided to make a side trip to talk to the fishes! Quickly back into the boat and on into Balmaha.

As often happens, once off the water the winds died and the sun came out.
Any day on the water is good , and this one was exhilarating. I think next time Chris will go with a sea boat, but I’ll bet he slept well that night.