FRIDAY NIGHT. DCKC arrived at the Roybridge village hall, after the group had been fed and watered we all got our heads down reasonably early except one young river kayaker who decided in the middle of the night to to do some gymnastics with his sleeping mat “YOU NO WHO YOU ARE BOY” what a racket.

SATURDAY MORNING. myself, Ian,Tom, David, and Tony had arranged to join two kayakers, Ian and Victoria, from the Ben Nevis kayak club at the Glenfinnan monument car park at 9.15am. Being keen, we arrived 40 minutes early, this gave Tom and Tony A opportunity to take some photos of the monument and surrounding area, it was stunning on such a frosty, sunny morning. Ian and Victoria arrived bang on time and we were on our way.

TRIP REPORT.  We left the slipway at Inverailot in overcast conditions and paddled down a very calm Loch Ailort on the ebbing tide enduring a light shower, by the time we got to Rubha Chaolais, the western point of the Ardnish peninsula, we all had our sun glasses on, crossing Loch nan uamh we were treated to a spectacular rainbow and a swell from the west added a bit of excitement to the journey “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF” I heard someone shout. As we enjoyed our lunch on An Garbh eilean dark clouds gathered to the north and a cold Southerly wind picked up,followed sometime later with a short sharp hail storm, this soon passed leaving us a clear run in very calm conditions to Culdarroch at the east end of Loch Nan Uamh  were we had left two cars. No one was in a hurry to get out so we paddled amongst the Islands for a while, enjoying the company of the local seals. As we gathered together for a group photo we were photo bombed by about a dozen of them (go to DCKC facebook page to see the pics of the trip). The five of us agreed it was a brilliant trip, many thanks to Ian McLeod and Victoria for planning it.

SATURDAY EVENING, Showered and changed for our evening meal, we sat down to a delicious  three course meal skilfully prepared by Leigh. After the evening meal we all headed to the pub were the Saturday quiz was on but none of our group had a look in, although the local quiz team seemed to get a lot of text when a question was asked, after the pub we all drifted back to our comfortable lodgings  for a well earned sleep. even our acrobatic gymnast was quiet “YOU NO WHO YOU ARE BOY” . Meshi and I headed back down the road on Sunday morning after a hearty breakfast to leave the rest of the group to plan there Sunday paddles.

Great weekend and great company, many thanks to Leigh for the lovely meal and Graham and the other organisers for an excellent weekend.

Photos courtesy of Tom McCafferty