• Hi Guys, people had been asking about club caps for ages, yet when we get some organised we find that not many people are coming forwards to buy them. They are only £12. They are ideal for keeping the low sun/rain/snow out of your eyes and better yet they show that you are a member of our club! These are a limited edition, they are available in blue, black, grey or stone and when they are sold it will be a long time before we get any others…….so if you want one you should order one now. Contact either Sandy or Leigh.

  • We now have a range of club baseball caps for sale. Available in black, blue, grey or sand colours these have the club logo on them and are ideal for canoeing or kayaking. Keep that low sun or alternatively the rain out of your eyes, minimise the light reflecting off the snow or just show that you are a member of the West of Scotland’s premier paddlesports club. £12 each. See Sandy or Leigh at the pool sessions or give Sandy a call on 07962 226280.

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