Here is a trip report from one of our younger club members…………..Connor McCLuskey.

The River Teith

 It takes about an hour to get to Callander from the Clydebank area. To get into the river it is probably better to seal launch because of the upstream current in the eddy at the entry point.

During the time I was there, the water was near its highest point so it got to grade 3 water at some points and was really fast flowing, especially near the end at a rapid called Torrie.

 The good thing about this river is that in between the rapids there was slower and calmer water which gave you time to have a break in a near by eddy. Something to watch out for is the height of the waves and the amount of reasonable sized rocks in the middle of the river. As a group because of the amount of rocks, we had to basically navigate a route through some, (if not all) rapids.

 There is a rapid about halfway through the trip called “Big Rock” and is exactly what it says. A huge rock in the middle of the river. The route our group took around the rock was on the right hand side and then into the eddy behind the rock. The problem with this is that you have to paddle really hard as the current pulls you towards the rock, then trying to turn round and paddle into the eddy at the same time is really difficult.

 If you want a challenge and just want to have a bit of fun the I would really recommend this river trip. Just be careful on each of the rapids as it is quite frightening when you capsize and what’s even worse? You either have a wet lunch or it goes down the river and you probably won’t find it again.

Thanks Connor…….I would suggest purchasing a dry bag for your lunch before the next trip……….. Sandy


  • paul molloy

    Thanks for capturing this Connor. It was a great day and introduction to some whitewater for us beginners.

  • Tony Clarke

    Thanks for sharing your story Conor, felt like I went down it with you!

    Loved your discription of all the action.


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