Trip report Finland. Arriving in Helsinki we were met by Eeva, Joachim and baby J who held aloft a paddle bearing a Scottish saltire to grab out attention. From our mini bus driven by Joachim we could see ten kayaks on a trailer being towed by Eeva who just for this trip sat and passed her trailer test, ( well done Eeva) we were now on our way to Cape Ally for our first taste of Finland. The Mokki was magnificent in the surrounding scenery too, on our first trip we set off enthusiastically in our new boats at a fair pace and in no time at all : / with help from the force five wind we landed on Seili. In the 16/17 hundreds it was used as a final resting place for people with leprosy and later a woman’s mental institute and now owned by a University as a research facility. We met a group of visitors from Malaysia who where scientific engineers as was BIll who quickly started talking shop. Eeva keeping with her intinary kept us marching around the island informing us of all it’s history,after lunch we took in the rest of the island and then battled back to Cape Ally against a force five wind. With a drive to Parnas ferry port we left the cars and trailer at the port and boarded the EIvor ferry heading to Noto island. Checking into our very traditional Finish accommodation with outside traditional toilet and cooking facilities we were soon unpacked and sitting around a wood burner chatting and planning for the next day. First trip was out to the island of Bjorko (meaning birch) heading west to Banaholm then across to Hakono through a narrow opening. Headed north up to Faro island going around past Bodo island and Bergholm island and finally heading to Bjorko. Landing on a rocky/beach we happily ate lunch taking in the beautiful scenery around us, j had planned for us to do the nature trail going around a fresh water loch surrounded by sea water! (About 3 and a half K in distance) silver birch,pink granite stone and the odd bears foot print kept us going as we circumnavigated the fresh water loch surrounded by salt water! As the walk was longer then anticipated we took a more direct route back past Salghlolm/Hakono island then through a tight passage in between Banholm and Grimsfrolm into Vasterviken bay back to were we started to end a 29k paddle and 3.5 k walk. We slept end pretty well that night! Getting the ferry back to Parnas port then driving to guesthouse number three Martta, another stunning place which we would stay one night then on to Eeva’s parents house on the island of MIelisholm. Eeva’s parents cooked us a beautiful meal making us so welcome we did not want to leave ‘but’ Eeva’s intinary ! Driving now into Helsinki and our final hotel we spent our last two days cramming in as much as humanly possible (Eeva’s intinary) with great restaurants tasting reindeer and caviar to reindeer tears and heart! Visiting the night life with the beer and wine freely flowing 🙂 dancers in the street to outdoor markets buying presents to take home. A trip to remember had by all. A huge big thanks to Eeva and Joachim and baby J who organised and executed a brilliant kayaking/site seeing trip never to be forgotten. Kiitos! image image image image image image