A chilly start on Helensburgh pier with just about everything frozen solid!, myself. Barry, Donald, Janice, and Sandy set out for Cove and possible Adentinny  pending the daylight, with a really low tide we paddled with practically no wind or gusts making it easy to make good headway, With the sun in our face and a big smile on it we chatting most of the way and before we knew it had reached our destination we  pulled in at Cove for lunch, Sandy showing of his huge expensive camera and taking am sure some exceptional snaps whilst we tucked in to some warm tea to heat us up! On return  Barry popped up his sail in hope of wind (which there were none!) The wind you see when putting up a sail disappears almost like magic! (Barry will testify to this!) Onward we rounded the sugar boat with a debate on when it sunk! I said 1512 Janice said 1960 Sandy said 1950 Barry said 1972/79 cause he delivered to the yard! Donald might have been a tad further back to comment! rounding the sugar boat we then sprinted back to Helensburgh to stretch our mussels and warm our cockles! a great day out with great company πŸ™‚ ……..









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  • A fine day out on the Clyde Estuary. According to Robin Lloyd Jones in his book “Argonauts of the Western Isles”, right good read for sea paddlers by the way, The sugar boat, The Captayannis was a 4,500 ton Greek cargo ship which during the night of Sunday 27 to Monday 28 January 1974 dragged her mooring, drifted during a storm and collided with a tanker putting a hole in her side. In a bid to save her the Captain ran her onto the sandbank where she now lies. So it looks like Barry was right. Experience always wins!

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